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my random collection of derp from an assortment of fandoms. XD i hope you enjoy.


an assortment of pretty things, chibis, fluff, and crack. :XD: and lots and lots of fanart.



internet addict
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied

born in japan, raised entirely in america, back in japan for further schooling. 日本語もOKです。(でもまだ下手…)

i'm a hobbyist artist with a variety of interests (that are constantly changing |D). i don't have much skill as a fine artist yet but i'm still trying to improve. i work with both digital mediums (photoshop and sai with a tablet) and traditional (pencil, colored pencil, watercolor pencil, currently trying to learn and experiment with watercolor and acrylic paints) i've taken a few classes in oil painting and have worked with charcoal and pastel in the past but i'm not fond of messy mediums so..... XD;;;

i also dabble in cosplay (although lack of time is currently putting a hold on that) and i work periodically as a makeup artist for independent films.


i'm always happy to talk! ...however i'm sort of the lurker on dA now so i'm hardly on to comment or chat or anything XD;; if you really wanna chat with me, go find me on tumblr. (link below)

**also i haven't watched anime or read manga in like..years. (with the exception of adekan and rose of versailles) i still like but i am finding other ways to amuse myself in my time off recently so if you ask me about any of that for current things i am in the dark and know nothing 8'D sorry.

good day to you all. ^^

Current Residence: japan
Favourite genre of music: varies
Favourite style of art: impressionism, chinese manga? (dunno how to describe it)
MP3 player of choice: itouch
Skin of choice: anything pale and pretty
Favourite cartoon character: (currently) captain hook
i wandered back to dA and found out i'd been tagged XD and oh my god i've actually got a new oc i could use?? (i created him last year though so let's see how well i remember him XD;;; )

tagged by blackstarlight17
1.Do not change any of the following questions
2.keep it appropriate, only mild cussing, sexual, gory, and violent content please.
3.tag at least 5 people
4.follow these rules
5.have fun

1.) First, show us your character's face. What does he/she look like and what is their name?
Lorin Bradey…
(how do i add pictures into a journal? :/) ^ old concept art :p

2.) Very nice, tell us about them! Their personality, dislikes?
Introvert. Is friendly yet tends to stick to himself more but will talk if spoken to. Gets excited over things he's passionate about. Has a rather strong sense of how people should be treated in general regardless of race, gender, sexuality etc and is an activist. Wants to wait until 21 to drink, lives comfortably with the money his parents send him for school but prefers to budget and save in general. Is rather quiet and sweet and kind in general but can raise all hell if someone's been mistreated.

Dislikes...Ignorant/close minded people because he's personally gotten a lot of grief from them and doesn't think people should be denied their rights and humanity because of someone else's personal opinion. Isn't really fond of loud parties either.

3.) Cool! Now if your character was going in a movie, what would he/she sound like? Like a voice actor or something
 I dunno a specific person? Has a rather high, boyish voice and speaks at an average pace but it quickens when he's excited.

4.) Does he have any kids and if so with whom? Do they have a mate?
My original story is based in their university years but eventually down the line he adopts a homeless LGBT teen who had been kicked out by his family for being gay and a 6 year old girl from foster care with his husband Alex. 

5.) Is he/she a virgin?
Why is this a question? no

6.) Does he/she believe in world peace?
What exactly is 'world peace'. No war? No intolerance? I don't know if he 'believes' in that since he knows what the world is like and honestly that's gonna take a loooonnggg time if ever but he does wish and try to fight for a world of equality and tolerance for everybody?

7.) How did they come to be?
.............from his mother's vagina? :\

8.) How tall are they?

Is he/she capable of falling in love? If so, how would they react to it?
Not aromantic so yes. When he gets a crush on Alex he's rather sweet and shy and cute and giddy? XD

10.)Are they religious?
No. Are open to other people being religious though (as long as they don't try and shove it down his throat)

11.)What are their faults?
lightweight (at drinking)? Can't dance, is rather poor at public speaking, gets too nervous when trying to drive and therefore doesn't have his license yet. (This is such an open-ended question?) He can kind of hold a grudge for a long time if you've severely pissed him off and has a harder time letting go of bad incidents than his friends. Is very quiet and reserved in general and prefers to stay on the sidelines at social events (not that this is a fault but others sometimes criticize him for it) Is ever so slightly vain.

12.)What are their positives?
Is very accepting of others, friendly, is very loyal in a relationship. Quick to stand up for others if he sees them being harassed/bullied/put down.

13.) Is he/she straight or other?
Why is this question so implying the gender-binary. >->* Bisexual

14.)Any regrets?
He's only like 19? So not really. Probably some day-to-day ones but...

15.)One wish?
Same as above? I mean he kinda wants to get together with Alex in the story.... One general thing is probably acceptance for who he is but since he's gotten that mostly it's not like a desperate crucial thing or anything.

16.)If he/she has a crush, what do they like about the other?
At first sight, he's very handsome. XD Charming, engaging, kind, upbeat, energetic (yet respects his introverted partner and is perfectly happy laying or sitting quietly with him) has many of the same morals/world views. Is someone he just fully 'clicks' with?

17.)If he/she had a soundtrack to describe them, what would it be?
What fandom era is this from? :/ Idk. He listens to a lot of Matt Fishel? Likes various types of music.

18.) Do they have a rival of any kind? Like a childhood friend or something?
......Is the childhood friend the rival? Not really understanding this question. Bigots in general?

19.) ??? (there wasn't any on the one who tagged me :\)

20.) Has ze went though any life changing events? How are they different now in the present then their past selves?
Is more accepting of himself now (although never really had a period of hating himself? Mainly just fear/uncertainty/confusion) Significant one is probably his coming out. Is more confident to speak out against wrongs now than before.

21.) Last question, what is their favorite sound?
Urban silence? Like silence yet still hearing background stuff like a road in the distance, people walking, far away chatter, the wind, etc.

Wonderful! Now tag 5 to 10 people!

No. :L Iggy cuz you've got a bunch of ocs XDDD anyone who wants to do this i guess?

  • Listening to: celtic woman
  • Watching: the simpsons
  • Playing: some farming game...
  • Eating: homemade cookies
  • Drinking: the anguished tears of my babus

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